Where can you buy Little Mind Books?

Currently, you can only purchase signed copies of our books through PayPal or at I.D.E.A by Elizabeth Anne located in Historic Medina Ohio.

How many books are in print from Little Mind Books?

Right now, only "The Night of the Lights" is available in print. You can purchase your own copy on our homepage.

What books are available on Kindle from Little Mind Books?

There are two titles available on Kindle from Little Mind Books. The first, "The Night of the Lights" and the second book in the series "The Cookie Conundrum" are both on sale for the Kindle Reader.

When are you going to print "The Cookie Conundrum?"

Thanks to the supply chain, paper prices have gone through the roof. I am not able to print the second book in a quantity that I would be comfortable holding. So for now, printing additional books is off the table.

Does Author A. Elizabeth Orley give talks about her books?

Yes, upon request, A. Elizabeth Orley is happy to speak with your group about the journey of self-publishing. She is also excited to be able to offer insight to her illustrations and stories.