Meet A. Elizabeth Orley

What makes someone want to write children's books?

I think you need a story in your childhood that inspires you to write stories. Writing about the moments of childhood magic like seeing fireflies for the first time, or that first time you read a recipe card and completely messed up a recipe... Have you been yelled at for using things for the wrong purpose or used scotch tape to fix something you broke? These are the moments where lessons are learned and the imagination of our childhoods comes to life.

These stories of overcoming adversity, learning from mistakes, and capturing the magic of the world are what inspired me personally to write Little Mind Books. I want my kids to see that mistakes happen, that using things for the wrong purpose isn't always bad and that learning about the world around you makes you better.

My children have been helping me create the illustrations, even taking some of the pictures and letting me use their little hands to demonstrate some of the things that Sam does in the books. For us, this is a family project conceived in real people and real events that impacted us personally and profoundly.

Join us in celebrating the adventure of life, and opening doors to your own childhood memories through our stories with Sam and Gigi.